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Value Add Service To Customer

  1. Reduce or Shorten Customer Manufacturing cycle time by our tool or machine design and fabrication.
  2. Elimination of human dependent manufacturing process by implementation the error proof design concept in our design and fabrication tool & fixture.
  3. Work with customer during New Product Introduction (NPI) stage on the tool and fixture require. This minimize the waste of tool & fixture that may not able to use during mass production.
  4. Our earlier involvement during NPI stage will save a lot of customer Engineer time on the tool or fixture design and fabrication require. They can be more focus on their manufacturing process.
  5. Work closely with customer to optimize the process manufacturing cycle time by new ideal of tool & fixture implemental on production line.

Service Commitment

  1. Response and reach customer facilities within the minimum traveling hours after receiving call for machine down and/or critical issue.
  2. Minor repair or modification will return to customer side within the day for Johor Bahru area. The service is free of charge.
  3. Major modification or repair within 24 hours return to customer side for ohor Bahru area. Service is free of charge during NPI stage or due to our design issue.
  4. Technical support to customer during NPI/PP run if requires.
  5. Warranty period of 6 (six) months with free of charge of repair of the tools / equipment / machine being delivered to customer.

Quality, Cost & Delivery Commitment

  1. Reliable raw material source with proper incoming control.
  2. Quality Assurance outgoing inspection against the fabrication drawing and customer requirement.
  3. No the lower but reasonable cost. Only paid for goods that able to use.
  4. On time deliver as committed. Do best to meet for any urgent request.