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    • • Automation AND Computer Vision System

    • • Deep Learning Machine Vision Inspection

    • • High Accuracy and Reduce Human Operator

    • • High speed detection

    • • Easy to use

  2. Easy to use automatic high accuracy and speed with deep learning AI Vision & Robotic PCBA Inspection

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The official opening ceremony of the Johor Digital Economy Centre ("JDEC") was officiated by The Menteri Besar of Johor, YAB Datuk Hasni Mohammad.

2 November 2020

10th November 2020 - 10AM Malaysia Time (GMT +8HRS)


Are you ready to increase your business efficiency?

Learn how AI accuracy & precision can be affordable!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vision and Robotics can help increase efficiency for various industries and businesses. While organizations are increasingly using these technologies to automate existing processes, true pioneers are radically rethinking on work architecture to maximize the value of both humans and machines, creating new opportunities to organize the work more effectively and to redefine the human workforce's skills and careers.

This Demo Day is Live Streaming at The Xpress Train facebook page:

AI Robotics and Vision Visual Demo Day 2020

Industry Quality Control Inspection
AI Robots For Agriculture
Automated Guided Vehicles
and many more..

  1. Plans for digital enclave to spur growth

  2. AI Vision & Robotics Demo Day ( The Xpress Train )

  3. Johor Digital Economy Centre